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. Custom modular home construction. An example of a second floor module delivery and set. RBA Construction Packages offer a broad veriety of construction methods. Custom modular home construction Delivery and Set

The RBA Flexible Approach - Offers Many Options

Fully Finished
Turnkey Package
RBA Homes
Delivery &
Set Package
RBA Homes
RBA Homes
Site Built

RBA acts as the General Contractor and provides all of the work required to deliver a fully customized modular home and Certificate of Occupancy.

RBA delivers and installs the modular components at the home site. You act as the General Contractor to finish the home.

You provide some subcontractor functions and RBA completes everything, up to the Certificate of Occupancy.

RBA works with you and your architect to design and construct a fully customized site built home, from start to finish.


Standard Specifications for RBA Modular Homes

Construction Packages

At the time the modular home is delivered to the building site, it is approximately 80% complete. So, unlike traditional site building, modular construction by RBA Homes lends itself to various approaches to assist the homebuyer through the construction process. We are experienced general contractors who can offer a complete package of services from financing to finishing. Or, we can offer the homebuyer the opportunity to general contract all or part of the finishing work required to complete their home themselves. The following is a description of the construction packages offered through RBA Homes.


Modular “Fully Finished” – Turnkey Package

Fully Finished Modular Home ConstructionThis is the hassle-free way of building a new home – let RBA Homes complete your new home with our “Fully Finished” –
Turnkey Package. When finished, RBA will hand you the set
of keys so you can move right in and enjoy your beautiful,
custom-built modular home.

The following services are INCLUDED in the base price of
every home we "Fully Finish":

  • Individual assistance in selecting, designing and
    customizing a floor plan to meet your needs
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage and/or construction financing
  • State approved modular home plans with sealed architectural foundation plans, assuring compliance with all building code requirements in the State of New Jersey
  • Obtain building permits
  • Construction of the entire concrete block foundation, whether crawl space or full
    basement, including excavation and backfilling
  • Transportation of the home from factory to your building site
  • Modular home sales tax, freight charges, shipping permits and fees
  • Crane to erect and crew to install the home on the foundation
  • Completion of all interior and exterior finishing
  • Fully Finished Modular Home ConstructionCompletion of all plumbing and electrical systems
  • Completion of the heating and air conditioning systems
  • Home to curbline connections of utilities
  • Installation of siding, gutters and leaders
  • Grading and seeding of property
  • Home professionally cleaned
  • 10-year New Transferable Homeowner’s Warranty
  • Certificate of Occupancy

Modular “Delivery & Set” Package

Discover the tremendous savings of modular home construction and the additional savings available to you by supervising or completing the finishing work yourself.  You can also opt
to have RBA Homes complete some of the finishing work, either RBA Delivery and Set Package
interior or exterior, to expedite the finishing process.

The following services are INCLUDED in the base price of every
home we “Deliver & Set:”

  • Individual assistance in selecting, designing and
    customizing a floor plan to meet your needs
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage and/or construction
  • State approved modular home plans assuring
    compliance with all building code requirements in
    the State of New Jersey
  • Assistance in completing building permits
  • Transportation of the home from the factory to your building site
  • Modular home sales tax, freight charges, shipping permits and fees
  • Crane to erect and crew to install the home on the foundation

Your home will then be approximately 80% complete and you can finish the remaining interior and exterior work at your convenience.


Modular Combination Package

When selecting this package, RBA Homes can offer for your convenience, many of the following additional services to assist you in completing your home:

  • Land clearing, stump removal and demolition
  • Construction of the entire foundation, whether crawl space or full basement, including excavation and backfilling. Standard is cement block. Options include poured foundation or Superior Wall system.
  • RBA offers additional construction sevicesCompletion of all interior and exterior finishing
  • Completion of all plumbing and electrical systems
  • Completion of the heating and air conditioning systems
  • Home to curbline connections of utilities
  • Installation of siding, gutters and leaders
  • Grading and seeding of property
  • Home professionally cleaned

You can choose to have RBA handle the whole job including design, demolition, permits, zoning compliance, general contracting, finishing and follow-up.  OR, with modular construction, you can save thousands of dollars by acting as the general contractor, and completing some or all of the finishing work on your own.

Your home can be as custom
as you want it to be!

RBA Flexible Approach to Custom Modular Home Construction. A craine places the 2nd floor.  Flexible Approach to modular home construction. Home sweet home!  RBA finished custom modular home construction.


Traditional "Site-Built" Home Package

If modular construction does not lend itself to your project?
We can site-build!

No Problem... we are very flexible! Although modular construction is the first construction method we consider, there are some circumstances where modular construction would not necessarily be optimal or feasible. These could include sites with limited access for the modules or crane or floor plans that are not modular-friendly and cannot be economically converted to a modular design. RBA works with you and your architect to design and construct a fully customized site built home, from start to finish. RBA will evaluate the most appropriate and cost-effective method to construct your new home.


Standard Modular Home Specifications
for RBA Homes


Revised: 9/10/2014

The following RBA Standard Modular Home Specifications will be included in the Building Construction Contract, except for any of these specifications that may be upgraded, changed, or eliminated, as requested by the Owner or required by the municipality. If a credit is applicable to any specification change it will be deducted from the cost of that related item, or an adjustment will be made for the cost thereof and reflected in the final contract price.

  • International Residential Code, IRC – One and Two Family Dwellings
  • 110 to 120 MPH Hurricane/High Wind resistant construction, if applicable
  • National Plumbing Code, BOCA
  • National Electric Code, 2011 NEC
  • International Energy Conservation Code, 2009 IECC
  • Uniform Construction Code – State of New Jersey
  • Manufacturer and Independent Third Party Quality Control Compliance
  • RBA Homes built to our high quality standards – since 1986
  • Modular home construction documents "stamped" by independent third party Engineering company, certified by the State of New Jersey
  • Foundation plans by a licensed Architect or Engineer
  • RBA prepares and obtains the local building permits
  • RBA orders all local building inspections throughout the construction process
  • RBA obtains the Certificate of Occupancy, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Building Construction Contract
  • RBA provides the Ten Year Home Owners Warranty
  • Engineering/Survey Requirements: Usually include: survey, topography, plot plan, soil boring log, home foundation stake out or individual piling locations, with construction elevations established, foundation location survey, finished floor elevation and stake out of property corners. Final as-built surveys are required by all Building Departments and all banks. Lots in the Flood Hazard Zone require NAVD Flood Zone data and FEMA Certificate of Elevation. Waterfront Lots may require CAFRA approval from the Department of Environmental Protection prior to submission of a local building permit application. Lots with a septic system require a test pit with soil identification and analysis, a septic system design based upon soil conditions and home to be built, together with a professional Engineer's septic system certification. RBA orders, obtains and coordinates all Engineering and Survey work directly with the Engineering/Survey Firm approved by the Owner. Unless otherwise included in the RBA contract, the Engineering/Survey Firm will contract and invoice the Owner for their services directly.
  • Top soil, if any, is set aside for re-grading.
  • Foundation excavation and foundation backfill utilizing existing material on the site.
  • Removal of and/or additional fill dirt or top soil is not included and would be an additional cost, if required.
  • General rough and final grading, as per site plan.
  • Driveway stone tracking pad, if required. Concrete driveway, asphalt, pavers, etc. would be at an additional cost.
  • Home to curb line connection of city water and city sewer included, based on run of 50 feet or less to point of attachment. Any water or sewer wet tap, lateral or connections fees are not included (if any). Typically these fees are paid directly to Town or Municipal Utility Authority. In-street construction is not included.
  • Septic System: Required for property that does not have City Sewer System available. Septic design, by a licensed Engineer contracted by the Owner, is based on property soil conditions and design of the home. RBA will provide a price to supply and install the approved septic system.
  • Wells: Required for property that does not have City Water available. Depth and type of domestic water well based on the subsurface soil conditions. RBA will provide a price to supply and install the domestic water well. Water conditioning systems are optional, if required.
  • Natural gas installation from the street to home is included if the gas line is in the street in front of home and readily available. The natural gas utility company reserves the right to determine the final gas meter location, which may require an additional charge to the Owner. Alternate fuel systems may be utilized if natural gas is not available to service the property.
  • Overhead electrical connection from the curb to the home is included. Electrical service must be in the street in front of the home and readily available, based on a run of 100' or less. Please note that the electrical utility company reserves the right to determine the final electric meter/panel box location. Any electric company charges or fees over $100 may require an additional charge to the Owner.
  • Telephone and CATV exterior cable shall be located on the same side of the home as the electrical service. Telephone and CATV exterior cables shall be grouped or coiled for access and connection by the appropriate Utility Company. Final connections will be the Owner's responsibility.
  • Foundation construction specifications and pricing will be prepared according to site conditions, FEMA flood hazard area zone designations, if applicable, municipal requirements and Owner specifications. Pricing for foundations is based upon the design by a licensed Architect or Engineer.
  • Crawl Space foundations are concrete block.
       - 12x24 steel reinforced concrete footings
       - 8" Concrete block, 6 courses high, including concrete piers
       - 2" concrete dust cover, sump pit and pump
       - Foundation vents or flood vents per foundation plan
       - Sill plates and sill sealer
       - Strapping, per foundation plan
  • Full basement foundations are cement block.
       - 12x24 steel reinforced concrete footings
       - 12" Concrete block 12 courses high
       - 4" concrete floor, sump pit and pump
       - Steel Lally columns, per foundation plan
       - (4) basement windows included
       - Sill plates and sill sealer
       - Strapping, per foundation plan
  • Any additional block work or masonry work required, or requested, above our standard specifications shall be at additional cost to the Owner.
  • Piling foundations and pilings on grade beam are based on standard pilings of up to 30 feet in length and 10" in diameter, unless otherwise specified within the contract or by the licensed architect or engineer. Pilings off grade include pressure treated banding and strapping per foundation plan. A piling allowance is included, until soil boring analysis, if applicable, and/or a test piling is driven.
  • Double 2x8 perimeter band joists with 2 x 8 floor joists, 16” on center (23’-6” and 24’ wide homes)
  • Double 2x10 perimeter band joist with 2x10 floor joists, 16” on center (26’-0” & 27’-6” wide homes); Open Joist 2000, web trusses or other engineered joist systems may be substituted for 2x10 at the option of the Company
  • ¾” tongue and groove combination sub flooring and sanded OSB glued and nailed
  • Floor joist system custom width homes, according to the engineered plan design
  • Monolithic floor system – glued and nailed
  • Solid block floor bridging
  • R-19 fiberglass crawl space installation, per code
  • MW Classic by PlyGem or equivalent, high wind resistant white vinyl, double hung, low E insulated glass windows with tilt-in cleaning frame and brick mold trim
  • 2x6, 16" on center exterior load bearing wall construction with double top plate
  • 7/16" exterior wall sheathing, glued and nailed with steel reinforcing over openings
  • R-21 fiberglass bat insulation
  • 2x10 window and door headers
  • Insulated fiberglass weather-stripped front door and rear door, per house plan
  • Waterseal protection around all windows and doors
  • 4/4 vinyl lap or Dutch lap siding installed
  • Many optional and/or custom siding/exterior trim combinations available
  • Exterior locksets keyed-alike
  • Vapor barrier house wrap
  • Vinyl shutters, front only – Owner's Choice: Paneled or louvered
  • Jambsill PVC sill flashing installed at all exterior doors
  • Wind Borne Debris Region: For dwellings located within one mile of the Coastal Mean High Water, pre-cut structural wood panels, designed to protect window and/or glazed door opening from wind borne debris as allowed by the Building Code, will be installed at an additional cost.
  • 4" seamless white gutters and leaders
  • Optional 5" or larger and/or colored gutters and leaders
  • 8' ceiling heights, all floors
  • Optional adjusted first and second floor ceiling heights on homes
  • Double 2x4 mate wall construction, framing 16" on center
  • 2x4 interior walls, 24" on center
  • ½" drywall interior wall finish (smooth) painted, primer coat
  • 5/8" drywall ceilings (smooth finish) painted, primer coat
  • R-30 fiberglass ceiling insulation above ceiling to attic.
  • Wood window sills and window stools
  • Continuous filament nylon pile carpet with soil and stain resistant protection
  • High gloss vinyl floor coverings in kitchen, all baths and utility room areas
  • Self-ventilating closet shelves with integral clothes bar
  • 6-panel Colonial-style hollow-core interior doors, pre-finish white, with brushed nickel hardware
  • Satin nickel lever handles, with privacy locksets on all bath and bedroom doors
  • Base molding, door and window trim
  • 5/12 to 7/12 rafter roof systems, 16" on center with 40# snow load, per house plan
  • Access panel to non-storage attic is standard. Fixed or pull-down stairs, with OSB installed between knee walls, are optional.
  • 30 year heavyweight Architectural shingles – Choice of Colors
  • 1/2" plywood roof sheathing under 15# felt paper underlayment
  • 10" to 12" front and rear overhangs with aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit, per house plan
  • Flush to 10" gable end overhangs, per house plan
  • Ridge vent and perforated soffits in eaves for roof ventilation
  • Ice and water shield at eaves
  • 2x6 rake board at eaves
  • High wind fastening system, as required by Code
  • Solid oak wood kitchen cabinets with raised panel front, featuring base cabinets with center roll out tray – Owner's Choice of Color
  • Colonial cove molding over kitchen cabinets
  • Laminate square edge countertop with 4" backsplash
  • Optional corian, granite, marble or tile countertops
  • Range hood with light and fan vented to exterior, where practical– Owner's Choice: Baked enamel or stainless steel
  • 6" deep, double bowl, stainless steel sink with single lever faucet and spray attachment
  • Appliances supplied by Owner
  • Recessed panel oak or birch vanities or pedestal sink. Owner's Choice of Color, per house plan.
  • Cultured marble counter tops with integral sink basin
  • One piece molded fiberglass tub/shower combination unit with shower rod
  • Coordinating bath accessories, towel bar, tissue paper holder and towel ring
  • Bath fan/light combination with separate switches
  • Anti-scald valves on all tubs and shower units
  • Plate glass mirror/or mirrored medicine cabinet and light bar are standard over vanity sinks
  • Elongated water saver water closet
  • Gas fired, Heating and Air Conditioning System, with high efficiency furnace and 13 SEER condensing unit, completed on site, replacing factory electric baseboard registers
  • Additional heating and cooling systems available as an option
  • 200 AMP main service panel box with 40 available breaker spaces
  • Electric or gas range circuit and receptacle
  • Toggel or Silent decorator rocker switches, per house plan.
  • Switched bedroom receptacle, to one outlet
  • Paddle fan switches, ceiling lights and additional outlets, available as an option
  • Smoke/heat detectors in all bedrooms and hall, per code
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors, per code
  • Light fixtures provided for kitchen, dining room, baths, foyer and stairwell
  • Optional lighting fixtures available
  • Outside weatherproof receptacle, GFI on front and rear of home
  • All Kitchen and Bath circuits are GFI
  • Wireless front door chime
  • Exterior porch light at each door
  • (3) phone and (3) cable TV jacks
  • 50 gallon natural gas hot water heater
  • Additional size water heaters and tankless water heaters are also available as an option
  • Washer/dryer hook-ups (if applicable)
  • PEX water supply lines
  • Schedule 40 PVC drain, waste, vent lines
  • 2" future vent on all basement models
  • Shut-off valves on all sinks and waterlines
  • Single lever mixing valves on showers
  • Radon pipe from floor cavity to roof area (connected only if required)
  • Two exterior frost-free hose bibs
Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and supplies are subject to change without notice. The Building Construction Contract may contain additional specifications, modifications, upgrades or changes to these specifications, which will replace and take precedence over the above standards, including the cost thereof.

Optional Items You May Want to Consider:
  • Energy Star compliance
  • Oak hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate flooring
  • 9'-0" ceiling height on first floor only
  • Custom molding and interior trim packages
  • Cathedral and vaulted ceilings
  • 9/12 to 12/12 roof pitches
  • Hip, gambrel or transverse roof systems
  • Storage attic systems with pull down or fixed stairs
  • 50 year heavyweight architectural shingles
  • Solid core interior doors
  • Specialty and custom kitchen cabinets, including upgraded construction specifications
  • Corian, granite or specialty countertops
  • Appliances including: garbage disposal , factory installed microwave, dishwasher
  • Tankless hot water systems
  • Ceiling fans, exterior spot lights, recessed fixtures, sconces custom lighting packages
  • Custom color painting, walls and trim
  • Whole house generators
  • Elevators and chair lifts
  • Garages
  • Porches and decks
  • Driveways – asphalt, concrete, stamped, etc.
Andersen – windows are available in a broad range of sizes, styles and shapes and are a popular option in every RBA custom modular home we build in NJ
Aristokraft – kitchen cabinetry comes in a variety of wood, styles, colors and features and are included in every custom modular home RBA builds
Azek – high quality trim and decorative waterproof boards are installed in every modular home RBA builds in Monmouth and Ocean counties of New Jersey
Broan – quality kitchen ventilation products are installed in every RBA built custom modular home built in New Jersey
Bruce – hardwood flooring products that come in a variety of styles, colors and textures can be installed in any RBA built modular home.
Certainteed Siding – comes in a variety of style and color choices RBA offers to be installed on every custom modular home they construct
Duron – quality paint and wall covering products are applied on the finished walls to add beauty and elegance to every RBA modular home built
Energy Star- RBA custom modular homes with this designation will save the homeowner thousands of dollars in energy cost over the years.
Formica – countertops are available in a wide range of colors and are standard features in each modular home constructed by RBA Homes
Fypon – is a decorative urethane product which enhances the interior and exterior beauty of any RBA modular home
Kitchen Aid – offers a full line of appliances and kitchen products which can be found in any modular homes built by RBA Homes
Kohler – quality plumbing fixtures and products are available to be installed in any RBA custom modular home
GE – products and appliances are available to be installed in any RBA modular home built in NJ
Lasco – quality bathroom products and fixtures are offered in any custom built RBA modular home
Marvin – windows offers a large product line that is a popular upgrade available for your modular home built by RBA Homes.
Moen – high quality bathroom plumbing products are a standard feature in all custom RBA built modular homes
Merillat – kitchen cabinets and bath vanities come in a variety of woods, colors, styles and textures and are a standard feature in every RBA modular home
MW – windows come in variety of shapes & sizes, are well insulated, and are primarily used in every RBA modular home
Ownes Corning – offers a variety of products that make every RBA Home more energy efficient and improve comfort
Pella – specialty windows and elegant exterior doors are a luxury upgrade to any RBA modular home built by RBA
Phoenix – RBA Homes installs exterior deck railings and other products for all their custom built modular homes
Sea Gull – specialty lighting products are installed in all modular homes built by RBA Homes in NJ and offers a variety of lighting styles and fixtures
Tamko – architectural shingles are a high quality roofing product used by RBA Homes in all of their custom modular homes in NJ
Viking – kitchen appliances and products are a popular upgrade to any RBA modular homes’ kitchen
Wilsonart – is a popular alternative kitchen and vanity countertop choice which RBA Homes offers in all of their custom built modular homes
Shaw – carpet & flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and will last for many years in any RBA custom built modular home               Silestone - is a popular alternative kitchen countertop product installed by RBA in many of their New Jersey custom built modular homes
Silverline – windows are a high performance, insulated glass product offering energy efficiency, functionality and beauty to any RBA custom built modular home               Therma Tru – exterior doors are available in many styles, sizes and colors which enhance the beauty of any RBA custom modular home

Come in for a consultation and we’ll help you decide on
the best approach for you!

Construction Packages

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